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The FCA will have to force our banks to change their cultures.

  “Corporate cultures won’t change in financial services unless CEOs and Boards are forced to do it” says Campbell Macpherson. [NB: This article was published in Money Marketing on 7 March 2014. It remains just [...]

After Brexit and Trump, what shall I tell my kids?

    16 November 2016. That it is OK to lie? That it is OK to hate? That discrimination is OK if there is enough of you doing it? That if you have money and [...]

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London to leave the UK

  London June 28, 2016. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, today declared that London will be separating from the nation previously known as the United Kingdom. “The only way to take back control of [...]

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What does a good leadership team look like?

  Reflecting on the many dozens of Leadership teams that he has worked with over the years, Campbell assesses just what makes a great leadership team… One of my favourite clients recently launched a new division, [...]

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