Three key themes emerge from the delegates on my Leading Change workshops (both at Henley Business School and with clients directly) when we discuss leadership:

  1. Leadership is leading change. Anything else is simply managing the status quo.
  2. What great leaders do and how they make you feel.
  3. Leadership is a team game not a solo pursuit.

Great leaders aren’t self-absorbed, they aren’t bullies and they aren’t loners. They realise that empathy is strength; that ‘bull-dozing’ their opinions through others is no way to engage people. They know that the best way to deliver successful and sustainable change is through building a highly effective team and engaging people to deliver a clear and compelling strategy.

While 21st Century leadership may be in short supply in Westminster and Washington at the moment, it is self-evident and thriving in the world of business. Today’s business leaders no longer sit perched upon their throne, aloof and alone at the pinnacle of a hierarchical org chart.

Today’s successful business leaders understand that long term value for their organisation lies in team strength rather than individual strength.

They understand that several brains genuinely working together are far better than one working alone. They also know that telling people to change doesn’t work – they need to help people to want to change.

21st Century leaders recognise that a truly collaborative leadership team will not only achieve better results but that it is the best way for an organisation to optimise its success given the tsunami of data and information which modern leaders need to manage and the permanent state of change that is required to survive, let alone thrive, in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

21st Century leaders recognise their own personal weaknesses and seek to fill them with the strengths of others.

21st Century leaders realise that their individual success will be determined by the success of the organisation. And the success of the organisation will be determined by the clarity of the strategy and the success of its people.

21st Century leaders are visionaries, team-builders, coaches, mentors and obstacle-removers. They aren’t ego-driven authoritarians. They are ‘first among equals’.

21st Century leaders deliver results via 6 key elements:

  1. A clear strategy
  2. Clarity of implications
  3. A viable execution plan
  4. A genuinely collaborative leadership team
  5. Aligned and motivated people, and
  6. A culture that enables deliver of the strategy.

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