It may be a cliche but it is true nevertheless. A new phase seems to have begun. The anxious, volatile and uncertain twelve months we have all endured may at last be coming to an end as we start to emerge into a new world that has changed in so many ways – armed with a treasure trove of insight borne from the experience of the last mad year. Insight that we can now start to put to great use.

Consequently, I would like to share some of the key insights that I have learned from my clients and workshop/webinar delegates during this last year. Some are revelations. Others are reminders of things we may have forgotten. Each one of them is invaluable:

  1. Life is inherently uncertain. So is business. Accepting this fact is the first step to success in both.
  2. Change is inevitable. It is not a one-off. It is not a project. It is a constant part of life.
  3. Leadership is leading change. The role of a leader is to help their people to want to change.
  4. All change is emotional. In fact emotions are four times more powerful than logic when it comes to change. We can proven we can change, rapidly, if we have a strong, emotional reason for doing so.
  5. We all erect our own personal barriers to change. As leaders, we must encourage our people to air their concerns and fears – so we can learn from them and help them to overcome them.
  6. Leaders aren’t expected to have all the answers. They are expected to care – and engage with their people openly and honestly.
  7. Strategy must be flexible. And there is strength in flexibility as long as your strategic fundamentals are clear – who you exist to serve and why, what makes you special and why you deserve to succeed.
  8. Change is not about business models or balance sheets or processes or systems. It is about people. And people are messy, irrational, emotional beings.
  9. The ability to embrace change is the key skill that we all need to enhance our mental health and well being – at work and in life. Because mental health matters: especially the mental health and well being of your people.
  10. Culture is everything. If your people aren’t ready to embrace change and capable of working together to deliver for your customers – your business will not succeed. And this starts with your leadership team.

During the last tumultuous year, we have been busy running ‘Leading Change’ and ‘Delivering Change’ workshops and webinars for leaders at all levels, and ‘Embracing Change’ workshops/webinars for employees. We have even developed an Embracing Change Online Programme for employees to do in the privacy of their own home.

We have been helping leadership teams to clarify their strategic fundamentals and build change-ready cultures. We have been helping CEOs to forge strong, aligned leadership teams. And we have been responding to requests for insight on leadership and culture in this age of uncertainty from the likes of Forbes, FastCompany, CEO Today, The Australian, City AM, Thrive Global, CIPD, NZ Business and The Booktopia podcast. The requests keep pouring in.

Feel free to browse the web site for more information about any of the above. Or drop me an email at

Success today is about equipping your leaders to lead change and your people to embrace change and look for the opportunities. It is about accepting uncertainty – and thriving. Together.

Bring on the dawn.

Warm regards


Campbell Macpherson
Change & Strategy International Ltd