You know when you see something so utterly brilliant, your immediate thought is, “How come this hasn’t been done before?!”

A couple of weeks ago, I was engaged by a switched-on PR firm with the wonderful name of ‘Don’t Cry Wolf’ to deliver a keynote at a customer breakfast round-table session. The host company was OrgVue and their incredible software solution blew me away.

If you are thinking about embarking on any sort of organisation design (OD) or people planning work (which pretty much covers every significant business in the country), you simply must take a look at

Seated around the table at The Ned hotel in London that morning were clients from government, tech industry trade groups, HR/L&D industry bodies and OD directors from major global and FTSE companies who are using OrgVue to lead change and optimise their organisations.

OrgVue is a game changer.

It provides business leaders with the ability to analyse and model people and organisational data in a way that we have all been doing with financial data for decades.

I have led and been involved in dozens of org design / right-sizing / people planning initiatives in my career. I have run workshops for major corporations on organisation design (in fact you can download my ‘Guide to Organisation Design’ from and I wish OrgVue had been around years ago! It would have vastly improved the outcomes and pace of every single one of those OD initiatives.

One example – 15 years ago, I was ultimately responsible for creating one organisation from five and tasked with removing 100 heads from the new company in the process. We also decided to use the re-organisation to think about the skills and roles we needed going forward. We spent weeks designing the preferred result only to find that the new design would have removed just one FTE. It was back to the drawing board. OrgVue would have enabled us to know this within minutes, not weeks. (And save a great deal of face and angst!)

Data is a key challenge for any OD or people planning work – not just the accuracy of the data we have to deal with, but also its relevance. OrgVue solves both of these problems plus it gives you the ability to analyse the data quickly and easily. What-if analysis can be performed in seconds rather than waiting hours or days as your people to struggle with endless spreadsheets to find the answers you need – as I experienced many times.

This was no way to analyse the impact of different structures and scenarios. It was expensive, costly, time-consuming and highly inaccurate. And when the restructure was over, the spreadsheets swiftly became irrelevant. When we next had to plan our resources or think about changing our structure, we had to start all over again from scratch.

OrgVue is always on, which means your ability to analyse and optimise your ‘human resources’ is 24/7 – and instantaneous.

Before OrgVue, it was easy to view people as “the largest cost in our company” as one CEO I know announced to his people during a particularly memorable Town Hall session. Now it is a different story.

  • Over half of CEOs believe they can unlock significant shareholder value through a better human capital strategy. OrgVue can enable them to do this.
  • Do you need to address your gender pay gap? OrgVue makes it so much easier.
  • Do you need to assess how well your people’s skills match your key roles? OrgVue.
  • Would you like to model the impact of different org structures? OrgVue.
  • Did you know that 82% of HR executives aren’t sure that they have the right people to execute their business strategy? They need OrgVue.
  • Do you need to right-size following a merger or acquisition? I think you could get the picture.

I don’t normally rave so much about something I see in business but OrgVue is special. I am now recommending it to all my large clients.

Do yourself an enormous favour and check it out.

(Download the pdf of this blog post here.)

Warm regards