We enable leaders to align their people to a clear strategy and improve the way their organisations work.

1. Strategy Alignment & Execution. We help leaders align the leadership team, management team and the entire organisation to your strategy – and then develop and deliver a strategy execution plan.

2. Strategy Clarification. Your strategy must be clear to everyone. We work with you and your leadership team to help them to clarify the strategy, identify the main challenges and implications, clarify the gaps and grey areas, define the required customer experience and culture, refine the business plan and identify the key priorities and key enablers of success. We also help leaders define their Sustainability Strategy. ‘Sustainability’ is no longer a buzzword that showcases your environmental credentials. It is the cornerstone of your business across four dimensions: Financial Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Strategic Sustainability. How does your company fare against each one?

3. Creating extraordinary leadership teams. We have a ‘strategy first’ approach to the creation of extraordinary leadership teams, first ensuring every team member is crystal clear about what the team is trying to achieve and why. Then we work with every member to build a genuinely collegiate leadership team based on trust, constructive conflict, mutual commitment, clear accountability and the delivery of shared results. A team of ‘leaders of leaders’.

4. Culture Change. Guided by CSI’s ‘Culture Change Checklist’, we enable the leadership team to define and deliver the culture they need to deliver their strategy.

5. Embracing change. Your business will only succeed if your people are ready, willing and able to change. Our Embracing Change workshops and webinars are designed to give your people the tools and a mind-set they need to embrace change and look for the opportunities – at work and in life.

6. Leading change. 88% of change initiatives fail to deliver what they set out to achieve. The same is true for business strategies, mergers and acquisitions. Through our Leading & Delivering Change Programme, we enable your leaders to be the 1 in 8 that succeed.

7. Organisation Design. OD is much more than structure. It is designing an organisation that is capable of delivering your strategy – taking into account your current constraints and the opportunities that lie ahead. Our holistic and straight-forward methodology enables you to build an organisation that openly acknowledges the comprises inherent within any selected structure – and makes it work.