EQ trumps ego every time.

Ego-driven leaders ultimately fail – for the simple reason that they put themselves first and everybody else a distant second. They also leave carnage in their wake, often quite literally as Vladimir Putin is demonstrating so graphically. The world of politics is over-crowded with such empty, authoritarian and/or populist beasts. Leaders in Name Only; narcissistic chiefs who deliver little yet somehow manage to enrich themselves in the process.

The corporate world has spent decades gradually culling its dinosaurs. While a few relics can still be seen desperately clinging on to power, the ‘Succession’ era is over. The future of business belongs to Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.

Emotionally-intelligent leaders aren’t weak, nor are they indecisive. They deliver.

And the results they deliver are exceptional and sustainable – because they engage and empower their people to deliver them.

In my job, I have the privilege of working with some truly extraordinary leaders – at all levels of organisations. One such leader is David Chiem, CEO of MindChamps, named ‘Asia’s Most Influential Entrepreneur’ in the 2022 Fortune Times Awards. David is a genuinely inspirational leader with a simple and yet profound philosophy when it comes to how he leads his rapidly growing business:

“Leadership is 100% not about you (and yet 100% about you)” David Chiem
To David, leadership is about setting the example and empowering people to succeed.

It is about letting go of our ego and giving our people the motivation, skills, tools, permission, guidance and freedom to shine – and deliver expectational results. It is about becoming the best version of ourselves while empowering others to do the same. David is crystal clear and passionate about the mission that his business is on and works to create emotionally-intelligent leaders at every level of his organisation.

But there is one further secret ingredient to his success – culture, which, again starts from the top. MindChamps’ culture is based on another powerful mantra that every organisation should adopt:

“100% respect. Zero fear.”

This is the guiding principle behind every interaction across his rapidly growing business – treat one another with complete respect but with zero fear to raise issues and discuss important matters. This is emotional intelligence in action.

Imagine the transformational effect of adopting such a culture in your business. It would transform the way your organisation works. It would foster innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement. It would unleash the potential of your people as they remove politics and ego from every interaction; leaving them free to ‘play the ball and not the person’, to work together to resolve the issues and seize the opportunities – together.

So, what does MindChamps do? It runs Asia’s no.1 early learning business with 40+ centres in Singapore, 20+ in Australia and it is expanding rapidly across Asia and into the US. MindChamps is making the world a better place one child at a time; transforming the way children learn. It helps them to love learning, fuel their creativity and engage their inner ‘champion’. Which, of course, are universal themes that should apply to all of us.

Imagine if your people loved learning, embraced their creative side without fear and released their inner champion. They would be unstoppable – and so would your business.

All this is possible.

As an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, it is entirely within your gift.

Campbell Macpherson
Change & Strategy International