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The Power of Purpose

9 April 2019. A clear and genuine Purpose is critical for your organisation's future success. A company without one will struggle to achieve its potential. It will also struggle to attract and retain talent and [...]

Lessons in Leadership from Brexit

15 March 2019. The UK’s Brexit debacle may be excruciating to watch but it is providing us with some invaluable lessons in leadership. So many lessons, in fact, that it is difficult to know where [...]

Beat the odds: How to be one of the few M&As that succeed

7 Feb 2019. Most mergers and acquisitions fail. Consultancies and financiers will disagree over the percentages, but they are unified in their agreement that the vast majority of M&A deals fail to deliver the outcomes [...]

“A referendum can be a dangerous tool” (David Davis MP)

28 Jan 2019. David Davis knew the danger of superficial, binary referendums - he warned The Commons back in 2002 … [This is an excerpt from an upcoming book by Campbell Macpherson, author of The [...]

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Leading your business through the Brexit uncertainty

15 Jan 2019. Tonight marked the end of the beginning of the UK’s Brexit adventure. Five doors now stand between us and our future. Only one will open at 11pm GMT on the 29th March. [...]

Insights on Leading Change from 2018

4 Jan 2019. After reflecting upon all of the fascinating conversations and interactions I have been fortunate enough to experience during speeches, workshops, mentoring and consulting engagements during 2018, I would like to share a few [...]