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Successful leadership of change is possible

88% of change initiatives and business strategies fail to deliver what they set out to achieve. A similar proportion of mergers and acquisitions suffer the same fate.  How can you ensure that your next change or [...]

Lies, Damn Lies & Brexit

Our departure from the European Union needs to be done on the basis of facts, rather than the dangerous untruths that we have been peddled for the last two years, argues Campbell Macpherson, CEO of [...]

Mission Impossible? Leading change in successful organisations.

“Our biggest barrier to change is our success,” declared a senior executive during one of my ‘Leading Change’ workshops. Successful organisations automatically erect formidable barriers to change – with very few exceptions. (Download the PDF [...]

What does it mean to be a genuine long term investor?

London 4 May 2018. Speech at the SII West Round Table. The Landmark Hotel. By Campbell Macpherson. CEO, Change & Strategy International Ltd Download the PDF of the full speech here. Good morning. It is [...]

Lessons from Oz: Where listed companies can get it wrong

I have just returned from a fabulous few weeks in Australia and would like to share some observations with you – as there are some great lessons for CEOs and Boards of every nation, namely: [...]

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