Embracing Change: The Online Series

Equip your people with the tools they need to embrace change. Right Now. Online.  Email: campbell@changeandstrategy.com

Your people are living in times of unprecedented uncertainty and heightened anxiety. We all are. They are being asked to cope with an extraordinary amount of change due to this coronavirus pandemic. They are working from home and worried about their jobs, their pensions and their loved ones. Some have been furloughed. Others have already lost their jobs. Embracing change is tough – especially when it is big change that is forced upon you.

They need help. Let’s give it to them. Now. Online.

The ability to be resilient in the face of change is the most important skill that any of us can develop – and it has never been more important than it is today.

Webinars and an online library of invaluable insight to enable your people to embrace change:

1. Four fortnightly webinars.

1. Four fortnightly webinars.

Live webinars by Campbell Macpherson on:

  • The inevitability of change and how we react to it
  • Navigating our way through the Change Curves
  • Our emotional barriers to change – and how to overcome them
  • Tools to embrace change and to be your own Change Catalyst

1. Four fortnightly webinars.

2. Online library of change essentials

A  library of change essentials with:

A regularly updated library of change essentials containing:

  • The recordings of each webinar plus
  • A host of relevant videos, articles, presentations and insights on embracing change produced and curated by Campbell Macpherson
  • Selected excerpts from ‘The Power to Change’, being published worldwide this Summer.

Includes content from ‘The Power to Change’ being published by Kogan Page July 2020

Download a pdf overview of Embracing Change: The Online Series here.

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