About Campbell Macpherson

Campbell Macpherson: change expert, author, speaker and adviser. Author of 'The Change Catalyst: secrets to successful and sustainable change' published by Wiley and available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Booktopia.com.au. He has been enabling organisations to successfully instigate sustainable change for almost thirty years across the UK, Europe, US, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Brexit 2019: how on earth did we end up here?!

Change may indeed be inevitable, but change that is brought about without a comprehensive understanding of the implications is rarely a recipe for success. The UK electorate spoke last month for the third consecutive year and we now have a parliament that truly reflects the disparate nature of the national mood. This was the 'Brexit [...]

How to…lead change in your business

As published in the IOD's Director magazine - June 2017 Edition. The vast majority of change initiatives fail, as do a similar proportion of strategies, mergers and acquisitions suffer the same fate. How can you ensure that your next change initiative is the one in eight that succeeds? Strategic change expert Campbell Macpherson shares some [...]

‘The rise of the machines’ will come back to bite Trump

Sixty-three million Americans cast the loudest of protest votes last November. They voted for change, any change and to put "only America first". They voted to bring jobs back to the US; for tough negotiations with trading partners; for greater protectionism; for an expanded military; for a tough anti-abortion stance and a greater emphasis on [...]

Could the Cancer of Complacency undo the Tories for the second time in 12 months?!

    Complacency is a cancer that scuppers a large number of change initiatives and strategies (as discussed at length in the book). Could complacency bring the British Conservative Party undone for the second time in less than a year? 27 May 2017. When Prime Minister Theresa May called for a surprise election a few [...]

The FCA will have to force our banks to change their cultures.

  “Corporate cultures won’t change in financial services unless CEOs and Boards are forced to do it” says Campbell Macpherson. [NB: This article was published in Money Marketing on 7 March 2014. It remains just as valid three years on.] Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Chief Executive Martin Wheatley’s speech at the gloriously-named Worshipful Company of [...]