Our proven change consulting solutions are designed to enable your leaders, your people and your business to thrive in a world of change.

  • Programmes and Workshops:

  • Extraordinary Leadership Teams. We have a ‘strategy first’ approach to leadership team development – first ensuring that every team member is crystal clear about what the organisation (and therefore the team) is trying to achieve and why. Culture comes second, teamwork third and team roles fourth. We work with them as a group and as individuals to build an extraordinary leadership team based on trust, constructive conflict, genuine commitment, clear accountability and the delivery of shared results – using Lencioni’s brilliant book ‘5 dysfunctions of a team’, our proven framework: ‘The Spectrum of Leadership Teams’ and the incomparable GC Index.
    Extraordinary Leadership Teams Programme

  • Extraordinary Leadership / Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. Extraordinary leaders excel at three key skills – and each one can be developed: 1. the ability to deliver results; 2. the ability to influence, motivate and emppower people (Emotional Intelligence); and 3. the ability to build extraordinary leadership teams. We enable leaders to develop their leadership skills using our proven framework: ‘The Chequerboard of Leadership’.
    Extraordinary Leadership Overview

  • Leading with Influence. Unlock the latent potential in your organisation. This 6 module programme approved by The Institute of Leadership & Management is aimed at your Subject Matter Experts and technical professionals who are too-often ignored when it comes to leadership development. They shouldn’t be. Leadership today is not about hierarchy. It is about influence. The program helps your latent leaders to develop the influencing and leadership skills they need to succeed.
    Leading with Influence Programme

  • Leading Change. Run for Henley Buisiness School and clients worldwide. 88% of change initiatives fail to deliver what they set out to achieve. The same is true for business strategies, mergers and acquisitions. Through our Leading Change workshops and webinars (and the Delivering Change Programme which transforms the learnings into action), we enable leaders to be the 1 in 8 that succeeds. We enable them to lead successful and sustainable change.
    Leading Change workshop / webinar 

  • Delivering Change. The Delivering Change Programme transforms the learnings into action – ensuring every single leader builds a peer-reviewed Change Plan to deliver their key objective. 
    Delivering Change Programme

  • Embracing Change. The success of your organisation depends upon the wellbeing of your people. Your business will only succeed once your people are ready, willing and able to change. Our Embracing Change workshops and webinars are designed to give your people the tools and mindset they need to embrace change and look for the opportunities – at work and in life.
    Embracing Change workshops and webinars
    Embracing Change Online


  • Consulting:

  • Strategy Alignment & Execution. Aligning your leadership team, management team and your entire organisation to a clear strategy. This may involve clarifying your ‘strategic core’ – who you exist to serve and why, what makes you special, what gives you the right to succeed and the culture you need to deliver for your customers. A strong strategic core enables you and your people to be agile.
    CSI Essential Guide to Strategy

  • Culture Change. Guided by our ‘Culture Change Checklist’, we enable leadership teams to work with their people to define and deliver the culture the business needs to thrive through uncertainty, embrace change and deliver the strategy.

  • Organisation Design. OD is so much more than structure. It is designing an organisation that is capable of delivering your strategy – taking into account your current constraints and the opportunities that lie ahead. Our holistic and straight-forward methodology enables you to build an organisation that openly acknowledges the compromises inherent within any selected structure – and make it work.
    CSI Essential Guide to Organisation Design

  • You: Part Two – thriving in the second half of your life. Workshops, keynotes, online portals and consulting to empower your invaluable Second Half employees (the ones will all the experience) and enable your lucrative Second Half customers (the ones with 3 times as much wealth as all of your other customers combined).

I would highly recommend Campbell: an invaluable change agent to have on your side when going through organisational change.”

“I have worked with him for over a year to define a new strategic direction for the Endsleigh business and his input, insights and delivery has proved invaluable to quickly pivot a business back onto an ambitious yet attainable growth trajectory. He helped us to clarify our strategy and priorities, enhance our ability to lead change, forge an effective leadership team and enhanced the ability of our people to embrace change.
Whether engaging with myself, my Senior Leadership Team or the wider business, Campbell always conducts himself in an incredibly professional yet approachable manner. He brings the power of his extensive personal knowledge of various industries and numerous change projects to guide discussion, and chivvy decisions when necessary! He has the ability to make the complex simple, and there is zero time wasting or procrastination when trying to get to a goal or outcome – although he does allow sufficient time to gain consensus before pushing forward.
On a personal note, Campbell is highly engaging and goes well beyond the remit of any change project to deliver the best outcome for his clients.”

Alison Meckiffe, CEO Endsleigh Insurance

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Thriving in the second half of your life
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