A new leadership novel by Campbell Macpherson – out soon!

‘Zeus certainly leads by example,’ said Hera. ‘Unfortunately it is rarely the example we need if we are to transform Olympus.’

Transforming Olympus is the latest book from Campbell Macpherson, author of The Change Catalyst, 2018 Business Book of the Year.

It is a leadership book like no other …

“Compelling fiction infused with actionable insight. All business books should be like this.” – Nick Eatock, Global CEO Intelliflo (an Invesco company)

Hera wakes one morning with the realisation that she and her fellow Olympians need to change the way they lead the Cosmos if they are to avoid the worst fate that any god could possibly face: eternal irrelevance. But first she and Athena must convince Zeus …

The problem with gods is … they make terrible leaders. To become extraordinary leaders, emotionally-intelligent leaders who engage people to deliver extraordinary things – they need to be more like the best of us mortals.

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