Give your leaders the tools they need to lead successful and sustainable change. Give your people the tools they need to embrace change – at work and in life.

If your leaders aren’t leading change, they are not leading anything. They are just managing the status quo.

If your people don’t embrace change – your business will not succeed.

Our workshops are interactive, informative, insightful and pragmatic with average delegate review scores of 9+/10 and 4+/5.

“Perfect timing given the change we are embarking upon”, “Love The Change Matrix”, “The Quantum Leap Change Curve was spot on. I hadn’t thought about change that way before”, “Gave me the confidence to embrace the changes ahead.”

1. ‘Leading Change’ workshop. For leaders and leadership teams. Leading change is a business-critical skill and an essential requirement of every successful leader and leadership team. This workshop enables leaders to understand the changes affecting their organisation, to fully understand why 88% of change initiatives fail and how to embrace change, engage with their people and enable them to deliver successful and sustainable change – together. Download the Leading Change Workshop Overview here.

2. ‘Mission Impossible: leading change in successful organisations.  Leading change is especially tough for market leaders. Complacency is a disease that only infects the successful. For long term and sustainable success, your leaders will need the ability to question the status quo, build an innovation culture and banish complacency forever. Download the Mission Impossible: leading change in successful organisations’ Overview here.

3. ‘Embracing Change’ workshop for all employees. All change is personal. Change is difficult; even when it is good change. The ‘Embracing Change’ workshop helps individuals overcome their natural change barriers and become ready, willing and able to deliver the change your business requires. It is a critical component of any successful change initiative. The workshop is based on Campbell’s second book. The Power to Change, being published by Kogan Page worldwide July 2020. Download the  Embracing Change Workshop Overview here.

Multimedia materials to embed the learnings from the workshop

How many times do we attend a training course but neglect to put the learnings in to practice – no matter how inspirational the workshop happened to be ?! To ensure this doesn’t happen to your people, we can provide you with tailored videos, articles, guides and tools to help them apply the learnings for you to upload to your intranet – to embed and fefresh the learnings long after the workshop has become a fond memory of a great day well spent.

Embracing Change

Delivering Change

Overcoming Change Barriers

Secrets to Successful Change

Why Change Fails

How we React to Change