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Change Catalyst Programmes

Change Catalyst Programmes

The Change Catalyst Programmes are all based on the ten essential ingredients to successful change as detailed in Campbell’s Book, ‘The Change Catalyst’, published by Wiley and available on, and

Change Catalyst Programmes can be broken down into three main categories:

1. Change Leadership Programme: A series of workshops, classes and coaching sessions for business leaders and change leaders.

2. Change Catalyst Programme: A series of workshops, classes and coaching sessions aimed at developing in-house Change Catalysts. Change professionals capable of guiding the organisation to deliver the outcomes the business needs.

3. Bespoke Programmes: a combination of Business Advisory, Masterclasses and Mentoring designed to enable business leaders to clearly articulate their strategy and align their organisations to successfully implement sustainable change:

Business Advisory services include:

  • Strategy Clarification
  • Change Readiness Review
  • Change Planning
  • Organisation Design & Development
  • Strategy Execution

Masterclasses and Mentoring includes:

  • Seminars and Motivational Speaking
  • Culture Change
  • Living with Change
  • Communications & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Organisation Design & development
  • Strategy Execution Programme

Download the 2-page Services Overview by clicking here: CSI Services Overview