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Change Catalyst Products & Services

Change Catalyst Products & Services

Based on Campbell’s acclaimed business book, ‘The Change Catalyst: secrets to successful and sustainable change’, (Wiley 2017), Change Catalyst Programmes are aimed at enabling organisations to implement successful and sustainable change. They include:

‘Leading Change’ executive workshop – for leadership teams: Leading change is a business-critical skill and an essential requirement of every successful leadership team. The Leading Change workshop enables leaders to fully understand why 88% of change initiatives fail and how to engage with and enable their people to deliver successful and sustainable change. Download the Leading Change Workshop Overview here.

Change Readiness Review: Helping leaders to understand the actual culture within their organisations through focused interaction with their employees, partners, customers and relevant third parties. Successful transformation is impossible without a change-ready culture. A Change Readiness Review provides the baseline to enable future success. Is your culture ready for change? Download the Change Readiness Review Overview here.

‘Embracing Change’ workshops: Embracing change is difficult, even when it is good change. The Embracing Change workshop helps individuals to overcome their natural change barriers, understand how change is an inevitable part of life and become ready, willing and able to change. It is a crucial component of any successful change initiative. Download the Embracing Change Workshop Overview here.

Change Catalyst Development Programmes: Helping leaders and managers to understand the role of Change Catalyst, capabilities, skills and key success factors. Helping to identify in-house Change Catalysts, develop their Change Catalyst skills and mentor leaders and Change Catalysts to ensure the successful delivery of the outcomes the business needs.

Bespoke Programmes: a combination of Business Advisory, Masterclasses and Mentoring designed to enable business leaders to clearly articulate their strategy and align their organisations to successfully implement sustainable change.

Download the Change Catalyst Services Overview by clicking  CSI Change Catalyst Services Overview.