Change & Strategy International offers four broad categories of services:

Strategic Change

Strategy Clarification. Campbell works with the CEO and leadership team to enable them to clarify the strategy, identify the main challenges and implications, clarify the gaps and grey areas, define the required customer experience and culture, refine the business plan  and align everyone to deliver.

Strategic Alignment & Strategy Execution. Aligning the leadership team, management team and the entire organisation to the strategy. Enabling the development and delivery of a strategy execution plan.

Leadership and Leadership Team Development. Enabling the creation of an extraordinary leadership team comprised of ‘leaders of leaders’.

Culture Change. Guided by CSI’s ‘Culture Change Checklist’, we enable the leadership team to define and deliver he culture they need to deliver their strategy.

Change Catalyst Services

Based on Campbell’s multiple award-winning business book, ‘The Change Catalyst: secrets to successful and sustainable change’, (Wiley 2017), our Change Catalyst services are designed to enhance your organisation’s ability to lead, embrace and deliver successful change.

Change Catalyst CEO Advisory Package: A tailored package of services to advise the CEO and ensure the organisation possesses the clarity of strategy, capabilities and skills to lead change, embrace change and deliver the strategy.

Change Readiness Review: Helping leaders to understand their organisation’s actual culture through focused interaction with employees, partners, customers and relevant third parties. Successful transformation is impossible without a change-ready culture. A Change Readiness Review provides the baseline to enable future success. Download the Change Readiness Review Overview here.

Strategic Change Programme. A 16 week programme for CEOs and leadership teams to ensure clarity of strategy, genuine alignment and successful change leadership. Download the ‘Strategic Change Programme’ Overview here.

Change Catalyst Development Programme: Helping leaders to understand the role of Change Catalyst – capabilities, skills and key success factors. Helping to identify and develop in-house Change Catalysts and mentor the Exec Team to ensure the successful delivery of the outcomes the business needs.

Change Catalyst Workshops. Change & Strategy International also runs Leading Change workshops (for leaders) and Embracing Change workshops (for everyone). More information – visit the Workshops section

Download the Change Catalyst Products and Services Overview by clicking Change Catalyst Products & Services Overview.

Services for Sovereign Wealth Funds & Institutional Investors

A series of programmes and bespoke services for Sovereign Wealth Funds and Institutional Investors to enable clarity of strategy and successful strategy execution. Services include:

Peer Review: Helping the leadership to gain insight from how their peers tackle a particular issue or opportunity – investment strategy, benchmarking, governance, asset allocation, incentives, culture, …

Investment Strategy Review: Is your investment strategy clear and well documented? Are your investment principles clear and cascaded throughout the organisation? How are you measuring success? Why? Have you documented what it means to be a long term investor? Are all the implications well understood? Are your incentives aligned to the delivery of your investment strategy?

Governance Review: Do your governance structure and processes enable your organisation to define and deliver its strategy? Are they fit-for-purpose? Do they enable efficient, effective and informed decision-making? What other models exist that you could learn from?

Investment Committee Support: Does your IC receive the full support it requires to be as efficient, effective and as informed as it could be? How does it conduct meaningful and robust discussions about investment proposals? How does it compare proposals between asset classes? Does it communicate its decisions in a way that is clear and actionable? How does it review the impact of its decisions?

Culture Review: Helping leaders to understand the actual culture within their organisations through focused interaction with their employees, partners, customers and relevant third parties. An organisation’s culture often does not match the one described so eloquently in the annual report. A Culture Review provides the critical baseline to enable future success – for only your people can deliver your strategy.

Download the SWF & Institutional Investor Services Overview by clicking CSI SWF & Institutional Investor Services Overview.

Responsible Capitalism Services

Responsible Capitalism Workshops for Boards, Executive Leadership Teams, Shareholder Groups and Senior Management Teams. The workshops discuss the generic concepts of Responsible Capitalism before defining what Responsible Capitalism looks like for your organisation – and the key implications.

Responsible Capitalism Review. A review of all of the organisation’s stakeholders including its relationships with employees, suppliers, partners and the community in which it operates.

One-to-One advisory sessions with the CEO and other C-Suite Executives on the definition and impact of Responsible Capitalism on them personally and their departments.

Responsible Capitalism Strategy and Action Plan. Assist the leadership team to define Responsible Capitalism as it pertains to their organisation, document the key implications and develop a detailed analysis of comprehensive strategy, implementation and communications plan.

Download the Responsible Capitalism Products & Services Overview here.

Download the 5000-word Responsible Capitalism Essay here