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25+ years of experience helping leaders to successfully instigate strategic change.

Only your people can deliver your strategy.

Only your people can deliver the change your business requires.

But first they must be clear about what the business is seeking to achieve …

and why.

Ave delegate scores: 4+/5 & 9+/10

Equip your leaders with the ability to lead – and deliver – sustainable change.

The Leading and Delivering Change Programme combines the Leading Change workshop and the Delivering Change series of coaching and peer presentations to enable your leaders to deliver.

If you are not leading change, you are not leading anything. You are just managing the status quo.

Equip your leaders and leadership teams with the tools and approaches they need to be among the 1 in 8 that succeed.

‘Delivering Change’ embeds the learnings from ‘Leading Change’; enabling leaders to deliver live, business-critical outcomes.

1/2 day workshop for all employees to help them become ready, willing and able to embrace change.

“Love the energy!”  “Laugh & learn business therapy.”  “Insightful and relevant.”  “Awesome speech!”

Unlock the Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Change for your people

Campbell Macpherson

How to succeed when 88% of change initiatives fail.

2018 Business Book of the Year

“Ensure your next change is the one in eight that succeeds; pick up this book.” Institute of Leadership & Management

“One of the most informative and influential books you will read this year.” The HR Director

“Full of insight and anecdotes to help organisations transform for the better.” Association of MBAs



Strategic Change

Strategy clarification, culture change, leadership, organisation design, people alignment.

Change Catalyst Services

Tailored interventions based on decades of experience to help you ensure that your culture, your leaders and your people are ready, willing and able to deliver the change your business needs.

SWF & Institutional Investors

A selection of tailored services to ensure clarity of strategy, organisational alignment and successful strategy execution.

Responsible Capitalism Solutions

A series of workshops, mentoring sessions, reviews and strategic planning to embed the principles of Responsible Capitalism into the DNA of your organisation.


Leading Change

– for leaders –

Equip your leaders with the tools they need to beat the odds and lead successful and sustainable change.

If they are not leading change, they are not leading anything. They are just managing the status quo.


Embracing Change

– for everyone –

Equip your people with the tools, approach and mindset to embrace change.

Only your people can deliver your strategy.

Only your people can deliver the change your business requires.


“Laugh and learn business therapy”

“Love the energy!”

“Awesome speech.”

“Campbell makes you laugh and think at the same time”

“Captivating style and excellent speech.”

“Thought provoking and compelling.”

“Brilliant Chairmanship – best I have ever seen.”

“Adroit Chair – carries an event with charm and elan.”

“You never forget a Macpherson presentation.”

Change Leadership. Change. Strategy. Culture change. Professional speaker. Henley Business School lecturer.


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