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Keynote Speaker & MC

Campbell Macpherson is an entertaining and thought-provoking public speaker and Master of Ceremonies who has delivered keynote addresses for in-house seminars and industry conferences around the world.

He is also an accomplished facilitator and business advisor.

Download Campbell’s profile here: Campbell Macpherson Profile.

Campbell can help you prepare for your event to make sure it lives up to your expectations – and that it delivers the business outcomes you require.

Campbell can work with your leadership team and all of your people to ensure they are aligned and ready to get the most out of the event. He can then work with you and your team after the event to make sure the momentum continues.

Copies of his new 400-page business book, ‘The Change Catalyst (secrets to successful and sustainable business change)’, published by Wiley can be made available to every delegate.

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Campbell is part of the Gordon Poole Agency stable of business and celebrity speakers.

Just some of the topics that Campbell can explore with your audience include:

  • Change is inevitable. Successful change isn’t.
  • Why 88% of change initiatives, strategy, mergers and acquisitions fail
  • The essential ingredients to successful change
  • A Change Catalyst: the secret weapon to successful and sustainable change
  • Is your culture change-ready?
  • The secrets to elusive M&A success
  • Brexit: How did we end up here? Why everyone will be disappointed by the 2019 Brexit deal
  • The peasants are revolting: Widening inequality has gone too far. The backlash has begun.
  • Automation: The ‘rise of the machines’ will make globalisation look like a picnic
  • The power of Clarity
  • Clarity, Culture & Execution – the secrets to success for any organisation
  • Execution risk: the greatest risk of all
  • ‘Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.’ (with thanks to Australian premier risk mitigation firm www.noahsrule.com.au for the title)
  • Globalisation: an ideal example of how not to instigate change
  • Brexit: Implications what implications?
  • The truth about immigration, globalisation and automation that no politician is brave enough to admit.
  • Culture change: teaching people to walk in the rain
  • Values Schmalues – developing values that genuinely underpin your strategy
  • Why people don’t like change
  • What a good strategy looks like
  • What a good Exco looks like
  • Case studies of people who are transforming entire industries
  • . . .

A few speaking highlights:

Campbell has been speaking and facilitating groups large and small for three decades.

Just a few of the relevant highlights include:

  • International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF), Astana Kazakhstan – Keynote Speaker
  • FS Forum Mortgage Summit, Nice France – Keynote Speaker
  • The Change Catalyst Book Launch: ‘Change is inevitable; successful change isn’t.’
  • Private Banking Conference – Owen James: ‘Culture change: teaching people to walk in the rain’
  • Wealth Adviser Conference – Owen James: ‘Building an effective advisory practice’
  • Distribution Technology Annual Industry Conference: MC and Keynote Speaker: ‘Building a change-resistant practice’
  • Sesame Adviser Roadshows: Keynote address at innumerable venues. Voted best speaker of roadshow.
  • CASE Asia Pacific: Keynote address: ‘Creating Raving Fans in your business’.
  • MC and facilitator for innumerable client workshops, conferences and round-table sessions

Comments from clients and audience members:

  • “Your chairmanship was brilliant – best I have ever seen. Thanks for helping make it a great day.”
  • “Great speech.”
  • “Very impressive.”
  • “Brilliant.”
  • “Passionate talk.”
  • “I have been through so many changes. You nailed why very few of them succeeded.”
  • “Best speaker of the whole day.”
  • . . .

Change & Strategy International Ltd      120 Pall Mall London SW1Y 5EA  UK

The Change Catalyst Book Launch. 18th May 2017 IOD London.

The full speech (16 minutes)
Keynote speaker and public speaker

What is a Change Catalyst? (1:20)

Keynote speaker and public speaker

People don’t like change (1:57)

Keynote speaker and public speaker

Emotions trump logic every time (2:00)

Keynote speaker and public speaker

Values Schmalues (2:00)

Keynote speaker and public speaker

Change-ready culture (1:31)