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Successful and sustainable change

‘The Meaning of Existence’ Extract from The Change Catalyst (The HR Director July 2017) 

The Change Catalyst Book Review  (Flybe ‘Flight Time’ in-flight magazine July 2017) 

Change Catalyst book review in The HR Director Possibly one of the most informative and influential books you will have the opportunity to read this year, “A treasure trove of knowledge that has been honed on the sharpening stone of success”, “The book will ensure a level of success for your organisational change that is many levels higher that it would have been without it”  (The HR Director 8 July 2017)

How to get the best out your most valuable asset by Campbell Macpherson (Sales Initiative 3 July 2017)

Do you need to teach people to walk in the rain?  Extract from the Change Catalyst (HR Magazine 3 July 2017)

The Change Catalyst Book Review “well written”, “easy to read”, “full of insight” (Association of MBAs 27 June 2017)

Why do CEOs set themselves up for failure? by Campbell Macpherson (MinuteHack 26 June 2017)

How to take people with you through change by Campbell Macpherson (CommsHub 22 June 2017)

The Change Catalyst Book Review – “much wisdom here … key read for anyone involved in the management of change” (Scottish Business Insider 21 June 2017)

Successful and sustainable change

Execution Risk: Why business continuity strategies sometimes fail by Campbell Macpherson. (Continuity Central 15 June 2017)

How entrepreneurs can embrace change and thrive by Campbell Macpherson (SMEWeb 15 June 2017)

A Change Catalyst: The secret weapon to successful and sustainable change by Campbell Macpherson (Fresh Business Thinking 13 June 2017)

How To … Lead Change in Your Business by Campbell Macpherson (IOD Director Magazine June 2017)

Successful and sustainable change

‘The rise of the machines’ will come back to bite Trump by Campbell Macpherson (Minute Hack 31 May 2017)

Ten reasons why change initiatives can fail by Campbell Macpherson (SME Magazine 30 May 2017)

People don’t like change – and other reasons projects fail by Campbell Macpherson (Minute Hack 11 May 2017)

The Change Catalyst iPipeline Case Study – excerpt from the book (iPipeline April 2017)

Message to the regulator: Culture starts at the top by Campbell Macpherson (Money Marketing 7 March 2014)

One flew over the Eagle’s nest by Campbell Macpherson (Fund Strategy 16 December 2013)

Six steps of business innovation by Campbell Macpherson (Money Marketing 3 July 2014)

Six habits of highly successful organisations by Campbell Macpherson (Management Today 12 April 2013)

Innovate or Perish by Campbell Macpherson (Management Today 11 February 2013)

The Cautionary tale of Mr Growthman by Campbell Macpherson (Management Today 19 October 2012)

Who would work for your company? by Campbell Macpherson (Management Today 16 November 2013)

What if Apple built an Insurance Company? by Campbell Macpherson (Money Marketing 18 September 2012)

Why graduates are turned off by Financial Services by Campbell Macpherson (Money Marketing 30 January 2013)