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About Change & Strategy International

“Every successful change requires a clear strategy. Every successful strategy requires change.”

Change & Strategy International Ltd helps CEOs and business leaders to:

  • Clearly articulate their strategy,
  • Lead change,
  • Build a culture that embraces change, and
  • Align their organisations to successfully implement sustainable change.

Based in Oxfordshire, UK, Change & Strategy International Ltd is owned by Campbell Macpherson, who has been enabling organisations to successfully instigate change for almost thirty years across the UK, Europe, US, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Campbell and his team of specialist associates travel to wherever their clients need them to be.

For more information about Campbell’s experience, click here: Campbell Macpherson Experience & Services PDF

Company philosophy

We believe that a small number of external experts working closely with an organisation’s people is the best way to achieve strategic clarity, organisational clarity and long-lasting business improvement.

Your people are the only ones who can deliver your strategy. Your people are the only ones who can deliver the change your business requires.

We help you to enable them to do just that.

Senior Associates & Partners

When required, Change & Strategy International engages with a number of seasoned associates, skilled specialists and business partners that compliment Campbell’s skills. Associates and Business Partners are engaged on an as-required basis – to ensure we bring the most appropriate expertise to every client engagement.

Business Partners include:

?WhatIf! – Renowned and insightful innovation consultancy www.whatifinnovation.com

Insync – The best employee and culture survey provider we have ever seen. www.insyncsurveys.com.au

. . .

Senior Associates include:

Andrew Rozanov – Sovereign Wealth Fund and Institutional Investor expert with a long track record of advising central banks and sovereign wealth funds on portfolio management. 

Jan Muysken – formerly PwC’s Global Sovereign Investment/Wealth Funds Leader and a member of the firm’s Global Financial Services Leadership Team

Fiona Wendler – brilliant strategy execution and organisation design specialist

. . .

Change & Strategy International Ltd – Oxfordshire, UK.